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  Karma 2023.7.5  Download  
  Karma 2021.5.12  Download
  Karma 2020.7.2  Download
  Karma 2020.1.5  Download
  Karma 2019 Karma 2019.5.9  Download
  Karma 2017 Karma 2017.6.20  Download
  Karma 2016 Karma 2016.5.30  Download
  Karma 2015 Karma 2015.5.28  Download
  Karma 2014 Karma 2014.9.1  Download  - Last version using XML data model
  Karma 2013 Karma 2013.11.27  Download  - oldest activatable version
  Karma 2010 Karma 2010.6.18  Download
  Karma 2009 Karma 2009.11.9  Download
  Karma 2008 Karma 2008.11.3  Download  - Last version of initial release.  Won't run on newer versions of Windows.
  KJ File Manager 3.3 KJ File Manager 3.6.12  Download
  KJ File Manager 3.3 KJ File Manager 3.3.11  Download  - oldest activatable version
  KJ File Manager 2.4 KJ File Manager 2.4.17  Download
  MP3+G Zip Manager 1.2 MP3+G Zip Manager 1.2  Download
  Song List Generator 4 Song List Generator 5.2.4  Download
  Song List Generator 4 Song List Generator 5.2.1  Download   -  Last version using .Net framework 4.0
  Song List Generator 4 Song List Generator 4.2.4  Download
  Song List Generator 3 Song List Generator 3.5.15  Download

 Latshaw Systems
  KJ File Manager 3.3 Absolute Media Library 2.3
  Song List Generator 4 Company Directory 2.1
  Song List Generator 4 Mobile Poker Timer for Windows Mobile
 Latshaw Software
  MS DOS TriDiE 3.1  (TriBBS directory enhancer)  Download
  MS DOS VSM 2.2  (VGA Startup Menu with screen saver)  Download

 Microsoft components
  MS DOS Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 Download  
               (required for some older apps but usually downloaded automatically from Microsoft during app setup)
  MS DOS Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 (32-bit) Download  
               (upgrades from Jet engine in Karma 2023.0.2 and later)
  MS DOS Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 runtime SP1 Download  
               (needed for older versions of Karma (before 2021) if you don't have internet access or if automatic download is not working)


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