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Contact Tech Support

Tech support and other inquiries are now handled by private messaging us on the Karaosoft facebook page.  Private messages only.  Anyone posting support problems or negative comments in any public comment area will lose access to the page and need to email support@karaosoft.com for future communications.  Keep in mind, you're likely communicating with the app developer.  This is tech support, and not customer service.  If you air your grievances in a manner that wouldn't be appreciated, we reserve the right to give you any response deemed appropriate, even if it offends you.  Be the way you want to be treated in return and you will be.  We guarantee it.


If you have a question, please read the help file and the FAQs page before submitting your question.

If you have any problems contacting us via facebook, we can always be emailed at support@karaosoft.com






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