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Founded in 1992 as Latshaw Software (renamed to Latshaw Systems in 2005, then Karaosoft in 2013), began with a couple of freeware DOS applications. In 1994, developed first award winning Windows app "All Media Library" (predecessor to Absolute Media Library). In 2005, the direction focused to solely developing software for the professional karaoke market.  Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Karaosoft has now expanded to a customer base that now spans over 70 countries around the world.
 Employees, Contributors, and Friends to thank...

Joey McCann
Baltimore KJ / Tester
Hardest working KJ in Baltimore

Brian Foster
Seaford, DE KJ / Tester / Forum moderator
First employee from 1995 and still fills in when needed

Galen Beck
Baltimore KJ / first tester / audio wiz / iCroons contributor
Inventor of the Baltimore file naming format

Ben Keesey
Baltimore KJ / Tester

Tony Palmisano (1957-2009)
Baltimore KJ / Tester

Dominic Fazio
Baltimore KJ / Tester

Mike Needer
Baltimore KJ / Tester

Bo & Dena Ganzermiller
Baltimore KJ team / Testers

Herb Cadle
Baltimore KJ / iCroons contributor

Don Cox (Big Daddy Country)
Baltimore KJ / Tester

Ed Rodrigez
New Jersey KJ / Tester

Jenn McConneha
2011 & 2014 Karma girl / Singer extraodinaire

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